Edzell 2008

Hi Ian,

Just a quick email to say thank you for a really enjoyable weekend. Feel as though I learned a lot (even if it didn’t show too much). Met some really nice people and got fired up with a bit of enthusiasm again!

Hope all at Edzell have recovered from the weekend. Once again a very enjoyable experience. The new setup is much better for teaching than the Clova and the accomodation otherwise was excellent. Everything else was as good or better than my experience at Clova which says a lot.
Just a quick email to thank yourself and Julie-Ann for a really enjoyable weekend. I had a great time and enjoyed the
craic with all the students. Hospitality was excellent.
Thank you, too, for the wonderful weekend in Angus. I learned a tremendous amount and had a great time. I’ve changed the bag position as you suggested. That is helping the stability of the chanter and helping me slow the bellows and get a
full stroke. Lots of new ideas and tunes to work on! Thanks for your generosity and support through this whole process. It has meant a great deal.
It was such fun being in the midst of it all and being around such great pipers. You and Andrew worked really well together. The session you arranged was just fantastic. I felt I learned so much just from watching.
Hi Ian,

Just a quick line to say how much I enjoyed the course, I found your tuition and hospitality spot on. I learned a great deal and was inspired by the top class playing of yourself and Andrew.