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Since Ian began making smallpipes in 1993 he has developed his chanter reed to produce clarity of tone and volume. He has used this as his basis for perfecting the design of his drones and chanters to achieve the ultimate balance of tone and volume. His smallpipes are recognised as “smallpipes…big sound!”Every aspect of his pipes has been carefully thought out – they are not merely museum copies. Ian came to smallpipe making in order to produce an instrument that would fulfil his needs as both a solo instrument as well as one that blends well with other instruments in session and band settings. It is testament to this that many of the big name bands in Scottish traditional music such as “The Battlefield Band” and “Tannahill Weavers” have used Ian’s smallpipes over many years.

From the size of the bag and bellows to the design of the reeds and the chanter bore, Ian has rethought every aspect of smallpipe manufacture to produce a sound and playing experience enjoyed by students and professionals alike.

Each set of smallpipes is dispatched fully played-in and set in concert pitch. They also come complete with bellows, bag, bag – cover (velvet), case and an owner’s manual. This manual includes tips on maintenance and playing technique.

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Hand Engraved Silver Smallpipes
Full Plain Silver Smallpipes
Half Plain Silver Smallpipes
Standard Blackwood Smallpipes
Boxwood Smallpipes