Uilleann Pipes

As a fulltime bellows pipe-maker for over 30 years Ian is pleased to present

His experience and knowledge of making bellows pipes with cane reeds is reflected in the vibrancy, stability and volume of all Kinnear pipes.

  • Arondo-donax cane drone & chanter reeds for a distinctly vibrant sound, sweet tone and stable tuning
  • Accuracy of pitch & intonation for blending with other instruments
  • Double-skinned bellows fitted with a vented valve & pads
  • Bespoke silver-work available
  • ALL parts, with the exception of the hide bag, are hand-made by Ian Kinnear in his workshop in Edzell, Angus, Scotland.

Ian making the pipes;

The finished article!




Practice set; chanter, bag, bellows £1250

Half-set; chanter, drones, drone switch, bag, bellows £2950

Three-quarter set; as half set plus tenor and baritone regulator £4700

Full set; £6000

Get in touch with Ian:


+44 (0) 7833 600721 or (0) 1356 648865

or visit him at his workshop:

Firwood, Edzell, Angus