Which Model?

WHICH MODEL? – type of wood and ornamentation

This decision largely depends on your personal preference and budget.

Ian’s standard sets are made from African Blackwood.

You can ask for any combination of materials on offer from his range of cocobolo or imitation ivory mounts, and stainless steel or brass ferrules on his standard sets.

Ian offers 4 different styles of silver ornamentation:-

  • – Standard set with plain silver ferrules
  • – Full silver – plain silver ferrules, slides, drone ends and chanter soles
  • – As above, but with hand-engraved silver ferrules
  • – Cast celtic knotwork ferrules, drone ends & chanter soles with plain slides

All silver models also have the option of cocobolo or imitation ivory mounts.

As all Ian’s pipes are hand-made to order, he is happy to discuss alternative materials and work with you to produce the bespoke instrument of your choice.