Which Extras?

What Key?
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Which Extras?
KEYED CHANTERS – Ian is happy to provide extended range chanters with traditional block mounted keys. All keys are hand forged from solid brass or Silver. Most common additional notes are High B and C natural on the A chanter and High E on the D chanter. I am happy to quote for any other requirements. Price of Keys is £120 each in brass or £150 each in silver.

Please click on the buttons to hear sound samples of Ian playing keyed chanters:-

Sound sample 1 = Ye Banks and Braes on A pipes with a High B key


Sound sample 2 = Cliffs of Doneen on C pipes with a High D key


DRONE SWITCH – Drone switches can be provided on all sets. A simple lever system as borrowed from UIlleann pipe design is most effective. Price is £120 in Brass or nickel plate or £150 in Silver.

BELLOWS – For the past couple of years Ian has been using a double skin for all bellows. This does away for the need for any seasoning. The inner skin has a synthetic seal on the leather and the outer skin is a more attractive dress leather. All sets are now fitted with vented valves which prevents the bellows inlet valve being blocked by loose clothing as well as bellows pads as standard.

Bellows are now fitted with an elbow pad as standard. When purchased separately, bellows are £300 per set.

REEDS – Chanter reeds £45 each. Cane drone reeds £60 per set.

BESPOKE HAND ENGRAVING – Personalised engraving on ferrules, presentation plaques etc. please enquire.