Ian makes smallpipes in 4 different pitches. The set that suits you best will depend on your individual needs such as;

  • – whether you want to play solo, for voice accompaniment or with other instruments,
  • – what type of music
  • – and ultimately what pitch you prefer the sound of

As a rough guide, the key of “A” is the most useful for playing Scottish music, and the key of “D” for Irish music.

For playing with fiddles, mandolins, banjo etc. it is easy to play tunes that are normally in A, in D. Instead of playing on the A and E strings they use the same fingering but on the D and A strings. It is a little more awkward for flutes and whistles.

Which pitch do you prefer?

Click on the sound samples to hear the different keys;

Sound sample in key of “A”
The Ass In The Graveyard
Sound sample in key of “D”
Sleeping Tune
Sound sample in key of “C”
Sarah’s Song