Customer Comments

The quality of the set of your small pipes that I now have is just astounding and I’ve not seen any maker of Border pipes who’s quality appears as yours.

Ken O’Neill, July 2011

For years now, I have owned one of your standard blackwood small pipes, and I’ve been very happy with them. They’ve always been a real pleasure to play with. For that I thank you and all the good work you put in making these pipes such a wonderful instrument. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. And thanks again for all the joy your instrument has provided for me and my friends.

Best regards.

Alexandre Tchao, April 2010

Hi Ian:

I’ve had my A/D set for about a year now and am still amazed at how great they are. Your craftsmanship, attention to detail, and finish are beyond excellent. Your workmanship is exceptional. The tone is so captivating that many people have asked specifically about who made them. I use the cane drone reeds most of the time, but need to switch to the ezee-drone drone reeds because the winters here are so dry. Either way, they are a joy to play and to listen to. My very best wishes to you. I will continue to recommend your smallpipes to everyone.

Steve Coyne, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.   October 2009

Hi Ian,

I arrived home tonight to find a big box on my armchair, it was just like Christmas only better. I have been playing them all evening, and I am more than pleased with them, I couldn’t be happier.

Keith Thomas, Catterick September 2011

Thanks Ian

Have arrived undamaged, look beautiful

Andrew Tomlin, New Zealand, June 2011

Hi Ian,

Thank you very much for my chanter. Arrived this morning and i am extremely happy with it.

Gareth Palmer, May 2011

Hi Ian,

The pipes arrived today – they are beautiful! I’m beginning to coax some notes out of them and the chanter and drones sound marvelous.

Ron Best, U.S.A March 2011

Hi Ian, the smallpipe arrived today, without any problems, the sound is great, I am really happy and can’t wait playing some jigs an reels from our new competition set.

If you are interested in our band, you can visit

On our news site we have two small pieces from our concert in November with the Vale of Atholl pipe band. I wish you a happy new year, many thanks.

Dear Mr. Kinnear,

About four weeks ago I received the Kinnear A/D set of pipes I ordered through Mist Glen Bagpipes. I wanted to write and thank you, they are wonderful. I have played GHB pipes for about five years but this is my first experience with bellows. I was luck that they arrived just before I was to leave for the Balmoral Piping School . At the school I took lessons from a well known Smallpiper here in the US . He has always preferred “xxxx” pipes and had recommended them to me last year, however after pricing and comparing various makers I had decided on your pipes. At the school this summer after seeing my set and trying them he was very impressed with my pipes set. Several times I heard him recommending them to other GHB students who were inquiring into smallpipes.

Hi Ian, I just received my set of A/D, 4 drone smallpipes. Fantastic! Looks great and sounds even better! You did a great job on these.
I’m now well used to the pipes I got from you a couple of months ago, and am starting to experiment. I’ve been playing the tunes from Dixon’s book and experimenting with Uilleann style – putting the end of the chanter against my knee and using closed or semi-closed fingering to get staccato. The chanter does remarkably well; did you evolve the design with closed fingering in mind?
Dear Ian,

Many thanks for the care you put in making my smallpipes. They are really beautiful and I hope I can quickly play them with all drones I know I need some time for this). I also appreciated that you sent a few tunes. I wish you best success with your handicraft and hope you continue making such instruments for years!

Many thanks for the smallpipes….We are very pleased with the quality of the pipes. (Tain, Scotland)
Hi Ian, The pipes arrived in good shape 22-12-03. The workmanship is outstanding, and the tone very nice. I was able to show them to the family on Christmas Eve. Four of the gang play the Highland Pipes and were very impressed with the new instrument. Thanks for getting them here when you did. Happy New Year!
I’ve got to say that my expectations have been far exceeded. The quality of your workmanship and the attention to detail evident is absolutely first class and it is truly an instrument of great beauty. I’m struggling a bit with the blowing technique at the moment but I’m sure that will come in time and (in the 3/4s and 4/4 I can manage without falling to bits!) the tone of the pipes is simply magnificent. You have another extremely satisfied customer Ian!

Kind regards

Finlay Macgee, New Zealand, April 2012

I can’t thank you enough, they really are stunning: you can really see the quality of workmanship that has gone into making them. Many thanks indeed! I was really surprised by how pure the chanter tone is, and so well in tune compared with a GHB chanter.

Steve Brown, July 2010

Hello Ian,

I have received the smallpipes on Monday. It is a very beautiful instrument with a great tone. I am very happy and I really thank you for your work.


Jean-Claude, December 2009

Hello Ian,

Got the pipes yesterday. They arrived safely. I’ve been so excited playing them that I haven’t done much else. They’re magnificent!

Brian Roby,U.S.A  Nov 2011

Just a double thank you. They really are fine pipes. I am amazed at just how different they are from my **** pipes. The sound of yours is so much richer and more complex. There is no comparison. The chanter is a lot more responsive too and the pitch dead-on.

David Winston, Period Pianos, June 2011

Hi Ian,

I got the pipes today and I love it! Thanks!

Neal Batie, June 2011

Dear Ian,

again many thanks for the smallpipes: They are lovely in sound and quality. I enjoy playing them and I’m almost able to get a stable sound. My teacher Herbert said the chanter is well in tune and is much more louder than his smallpipes.

Jörn Droenner, June 2011

They arrived today! Thank you very much the sound is great! I can’t stop playing them 😀

Best regards

Florian Grobety, Switzerland, May 2011

Dear Ian,

The pipes arrived yesterday and look and sound super. A bit heavier than the polypenco and a slightly different feel with the luxury bellows, so my oxter muscles will have to be retrained! Thanks for your great work in making them – they are now a serious family heirloom

Alasdair Douglas, London, May 2011

Hi Ian

We really enjoyed our visit to you on Wednesday – it was interesting to see just how you make your pipes and the machines and processes involved. It was great to hear you play and It has given me something to aspire to. The sound of your pipe was fantastic and I can’t wait to get mine, although I’m a little apprehensive as to my ability to give them justice.

Archie Howitt, Edinburgh, October 2010

Thank you so much for the pipes! They are working well and I have found the quality and tone unbelievably top notch! The drones hardly ever change and match up famously with the chanter. In short I am very pleased with your work. (New Jersey, US)
I meant to tell you that the judge at the competition made very complimentary comments about the tone of my pipes. I would like to thank you for all your help and confirm that both I and my niece are delighted with our instruments. (Glasgow, Scotland)
Just a wee note to thank you for your prompt service. The reed you sent is excellent. (Campbeltown, Scotland)
This is to let you know how pleased I am with the D set you made for me. It’s a beauty-marvellous both in terms of performance and finish. As the reeds do not cause any trouble whatsoever, I find it fairly easy to make the transition from a mouth-blown instrument: there’s no need to worry about the usual technical problems which makes it easier to concentrate on getting the pressure right etc….By the way friends of mine heard the pipes being played, and they were so impressed they are thinking of getting one for themselves.
Cheers for sending the reeds so fast. The pipes are wonderful. Everyone who has seen and heard them has said so too. (Co. Cork, Ireland)
What a great sound when all four drones and chanter are in tune- a rare feeling! (Brechin exile in Edinburgh)
Hi Ian, Happy new year to you too, hope you had a good one. You made a super job of the pipes. They were bang on right from the first blow, very steady and they have an excellent warm tone. I’ve just started work on a new CD with a friend of mine, Ally MacKenzie, so the pipes are being put to work straight away! We’re aiming to have it out some time in the summer, I’ll make sure and get a copy sent down to you. Thanks again for the pipes.
I am enjoying my pipes every day. Thanks as always for making them!